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The Power of Step One

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Positive Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions

In step one of our book, You Can Attract It, we talk about just how powerful it is to have positive thoughts, feelings, and actions with the Law of Attraction. I have been using the Law of Attraction for years and I realized that a positive attitude provides a strong base to attract what you want.

Your thoughts have a major impact on how you view the world around you. Negative thoughts attract more negativity into your life. Changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts shows the universe that you are serious about using the Law of Attraction and that you want change in your life.

Just as important as your thoughts are your feelings. When you feel confident, positive, and strong, you are putting powerful energy out there for the universe. When you have positive emotions, you are going to attract wonderful things into your life.

And just as important as your thoughts and feelings, are your actions. What you do and how you behave influence what you can attract with the Law of Attraction. Eliminating angry outbursts and replacing it with calm and peaceful actions says a lot. Not only will you feel better, but the universe will reward you for your positive behavior.


The Importance of Self-Help

Friday, August 6th, 2010


There are so many tools out there that you can use for self-help and self-improvement and the Law of Attraction is one of them! I am a strong believer in self-help. Everyone experiences challenges during their life and sometimes we need a little boost to help us through.

No matter what you want to improve: health, time management, anger, stress levels, etc. you can use the Law of Attraction to attract self-improvement. You are in control of the changes you want to make in your life. The hard part is making the change, but you can do so much faster when you use the Law of Attraction.

When you visualize positive change in your life, you will attract it into your life. You should be your number one priority. Focus on attracting positive thoughts and feelings into your life. When you promote positive change in your life, you create powerful energy for the universe and the universe will help you attract improvement in your life.

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Complaint Free Holiday

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Complaint-Free Holiday

I hope you had a happy and festive 4th of July weekend! Many of you probably have today off from work. It’s a great time to spend with friends and family, appreciating the freedom we have in this country and being thankful for what you have.

I want to encourage you to make today a complaint-free holiday. Meaning, be positive all day long. Get rid of all negative thoughts, feelings, and actions. You will find much more enjoyment if you have nothing to complain about.

Complaint-free holidays are a great way to use the Law of Attraction. The universe will help you attract more positive thoughts and emotions by eliminating negative ones. The more often you incorporate complaint-free holidays into your life, the easier it will be and more rewarding it will be.

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Achieving Peace

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Asking for What you Want

Peace is something that is often overlooked in life. We leave hectic lives and frequently ask for more time, stress relief, or help with procrastination. Very rarely do people focus on attracting inner peace. When you achieve inner peace, stress, procrastination, and negative aspects of life are no longer a worry.

Peace comes from within. It’s a mind, body, and spiritual connection that is impenetrable by negative forces. People who achieve inner peace do not have bad days. They always think positively and are able to look on the bright side in every situation.

The Law of Attraction can help you achieve inner peace. At first, you may only be able to reach a peaceful state for a few minutes a day, but with the Law of Attraction, you can attract more inner peace until it becomes a permanent state in your life.


Being Aware of your Thoughts

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Positive Thinking

I think it is that time again… to have a complaint-free holiday. A complaint-free holiday is when you vow to not complain about anything for an entire day. This is a powerful exercise that will help you attract wonderful things in your life with the Law of Attraction.

A complaint-free holiday will make you more aware of your positive and negative thoughts. It’s important to not only control your complaints, but to be more aware of the negative thoughts that go through your head. The act of changing a negative thought into a positive one is a powerful part of the Law of Attraction.

When you change a negative thought into a positive thought, you will create powerful and positive energy that tells the universe you are committed to making change in your life.

Pick a day this week and focus on being positive without any complaints. You may find that it is difficult, but that is okay. The more complaint-free holidays you have, the better you will get and more energy you will be putting out to the universe.

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Moving Past Mental Barriers

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Overcoming Mental Barriers

As a hypnotherapist, I see a lot of my clients come to my office needing help overcoming mental barriers. These barriers can affect all aspects of their life ranging from weight loss, smoking, confidence, and phobias. Realize that your goals and dreams are likely to flourish as soon as you break down whatever is holding you back.

You can use the Law of Attraction to help you break down barriers and to help you move forward in your life. The Law of Attraction is powerful and can dramatically change your life for the better. You simply have to align your thoughts with whatever it is that you are seeking and ask the universe for it. It is that simple!

Aligning your intentions with what you want might be the most challenging part. But you are a strong person capable of amazing things and when you want something, you will attract it. Your intentions must be positive. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities. When you are confident and you have a positive attitude, you intentions will align with the universe and you will receive amazing things in your life!

Whether your mental barrier is preventing you from dating, flying, or reaching a goal, realize that it is just mental and you can break it down with the Law of Attraction!

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Increase Vibrations with the Law of Attraction

Monday, March 1st, 2010


Vibrations are essentially the same as energy. You create positive vibrations and energy when you have a positive attitude. The more positive thoughts and feelings you create, the stronger your vibrations. Energy is very important to the universe. When you create positive vibrations, the universe will grant you what you are asking for.

One of the best ways you can increase your vibrations is by incorporating visualization into your life. Picturing positive changes in your life will help you feel good and when you feel good, you create vibrations. Visualize having what you want. Imagine your life 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year from now enjoying life with positive changes.

Another way you can improve your vibrations is by changing a negative thought or feeling into a positive one. When you feel stressed, angry, or down, be aware of why this is occurring and work on changing your thought process. When you are able to turn anger into pleasure, stress into relaxation, or sadness into happiness, you will have very powerful vibrations.

The universe notices positive and powerful vibrations. The more frequently you can create these vibrations while asking for what you want, the more success you will have with the Law of Attraction. You are in charge of manifesting what you want. You can create wonderful things in your life with the Law of Attraction and positive vibrations.


Attracting a Positive Attitude

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is a mandatory part of the Law of Attraction. You must have a positive outlook on life in order to attract wonderful things into your life. You have probably heard the phrase, “Attitude is everything.” It’s true, attitude is everything and it will help you get everything you could possibly want.

One of the reasons why a positive attitude is so important is because it creates positive energy and vibrations for the universe. Positive energy is an essential part of the Law of Attraction because it helps you attract things into your life. One of the most powerful ways you can create positive energy is by replacing a negative attitude. When you replace a negative attitude with a positive attitude, you are creating very powerful vibrations and the universe will reward you.

Another reason why a positive attitude is so powerful is because it creates positive thoughts and emotions. When you feel good about yourself and the life you lead, you are able to manifest wonderful things into your life. Positive thoughts and positive feelings also create positive actions. All of these things will help you greatly in attracting what you want.

If you want a positive attitude, remember all you have to do is ask for it. Focus your attention on positive thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude and soon you will be awarded with it!

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Using the Law of Attraction to Attract Holiday Cheer

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is in full swing. With Thanksgiving already past, Hanukkah currently being celebrated, and with Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, it is important that you enjoy the season. You can attract wonderful things, emotions, and a positive attitude with the Law of Attraction.

Holiday cheer is infectious! When you are happy during the holidays not only will you fully enjoy yourself, but your attitude will rub on those around you and you will enjoy the holiday season. The Law of Attraction is very powerful. All you have to do is ask the universe for holiday cheer and then attract it!

Luckily, holiday cheer is all around us at this time of years, so it is very easy to attract. This is the time of year for giving, sharing, and being positive. It is easy to find touching stories in the news to provide inspiration.

A great way to attract holiday cheer is to give back to someone in need. It doesn’t need to involve money, it can involve donating your time instead. A lot of people decide to do things anonymously so that they do not receive recognition. Giving back will create positive emotions inside of you and will help you develop holiday cheer.

Happy Holidays!


Freedom from Complaining

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Complaint Free Holiday

By now, you have probably realized how important positive self-talk is. It is an essential part of the Law of Attraction. But is your self-talk 100% positive? One of the best ways to improve your self-talk is to make a complaint free holiday.

With the holidays coming up, you have a lot to be thankful and grateful for. Why not make one of those days a complaint free holiday? For an entire day you will vow to not make a single complaint. If you find yourself with a negative thought, simply change it into a positive one.

A complaint free holiday will help you create positive vibrations for the universe. The universe will take notice of your positive thoughts and help you attract positive self-talk. With the complaint free holiday, you will notice that with time, it becomes easier to get rid of complaints.

After you have a complaint free holiday, you can continue to have regular complaint free holidays. With time, you will get better at it and 100% positive self-talk will be a permanent part of your life. The universe will help you attract positive self-talk. The holidays are an important time of the year to focus on the positive rather than the negative.