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Accepting Change in your Life

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Accepting Change

For many people, change is difficult and it can be challenging accepting change into your life. However, change is often a good thing and you become a stronger person because of it. No matter what kind of change you want to attract into your life, realize that it will be better once you accept the change.

Many people come to me wanting advice on how to change their health habits. This usually involves changes in eating, physical activity, time management and even your mindset. Wrapping your brain around change can be challenging, but the result of change is very rewarding.

I like to encourage people to make many small changes gradually, instead of focusing on one major change all at once. This allows people to adapt and accept change in a healthier way. You should make small goals and accept change frequently so that you get used to making changes.

The Law of Attraction is a great way to change your mindset to attract change. You deserve to grow as a person because you have the ability to achieve great things in your life!


Losing Weight with LOA

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Weight Loss

It’s that time of year… Fall is in the air and the holidays are right around the corner. Losing weight tends to be put on the back burner this time of year. But I want to encourage you to stick to your weight loss goals or even start a new lifestyle right now instead of waiting.

The holidays tend to revolve around a lot of parties and food. You are in complete control over what you eat and the Law of Attraction will help you make the right choices during this holiday season. A technique that I want to encourage you to use is visualization. Imagine yourself at a party with a lot of food. See yourself eating the healthy options. Imagine only wanting small portions and making the right choices.

Prepare yourself mentally for healthy eating choices. A lot of people gain weight during the holidays, but you can actually get a jump start on making the right decisions and actually lose weight this time of year. You will feel much better when the New Year comes along and you have less weight to lose instead of more.

Losing weight isn’t easy. That’s why I want to give you all the tools and techniques to help you in your weight loss goals. Visualize yourself weighing less and being healthy. You can manifest your goals into your life easily with the Law of Attraction.


Improve your Body Image with the Law of Attraction!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Body Image

No matter what the number on the scale reads when you step on it, realize that you can improve how you feel about yourself simply by improving your body image. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, too thin or overweight you have probably felt uncomfortable in your skin. The Law of Attraction can help you improve your image and boost your confidence.

We live in a very materialistic society where there is a lot of pressure for people to look a certain way. In reality, our society is extremely diverse and we all look different. I have helped a lot of people improve their body image. Everyone has likes and dislikes about their body and you can train yourself to only focus on the positive.

You can do this by using the Law of Attraction. I want to encourage you to stop reading this right now and write down 3 things you like about your appearance. Write them down, right now! Tape this piece of paper to your bathroom mirror to remind yourself everyday of the qualities that you like.

Feel free to add to the list! As you feel more and more comfortable with your body image, add things to your list that are pleasing you more and more. You are beautiful and you should appreciate yourself!


Start Eating Healthy Now!

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Healthy Eating

As a natural health advocate, I know the challenges that people face with their eating habits. Healthy eating requires a little more thought, effort, and money, but the payoff will save you time and money. I also know how important healthy eating is, to more than just your health!

The food you put into your body effects how you look, how you feel, how you manage stress, your energy levels, and your overall mood. Basically, doing a complete overhaul on your nutrition can drastically improve your life. All it takes is different choices.

We live in a wonderful world where we have the power of choice and as a consumer, you have billions of choices. Educating yourself on what you eat is the first step. The second step is promote change in your life using the Law of Attraction. Make it your goal to eat healthy and visualize it happening for you in your life.

I promise you, improving your food choices will help you feel better. You may find that you pay more at the grocery store, but you’ll end up paying less for cold and flu remedies and doctor visits. I hope you have become empowered and ready to start eating healthy!


Workout Today!

Monday, September 6th, 2010


Happy Labor day to everyone! As many of you already know, one of my main passions in life is natural health. And one of the biggest contributors to living a healthy lifestyle is exercise. I cannot tell you enough, just how life-changing regular exercise can be!

Working out most days of the week will make you feel good, look good, give you more energy, and give you more confidence. There are very few things in life can help you the way exercise can!

Today, I want to encourage you to get in 30 minutes of exercise. Whether it’s going for a walk, playing basketball in the driveway, riding a bike, swimming at the beach, or anything else that gives your heart rate a little boost.

Exercising tells the universe that you want to live a more healthy lifestyle. It also says that you want to feel good about yourself and accomplish your goals. The Law of Attraction is very powerful and it will give you the ability to live a healthier lifestyle!


Defining your Health Goals

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Health Goals

I am a natural health advocate and I have seen first hand, how lifestyle changes can positively effect one’s health. If you want to improve your heath, then I want to encourage you to use the Law of Attraction to help you attract positive change into your life.

The first thing you must do is define your health goals. You must approach your health from several angles because many things effect it. For example, the food you eat, exercise, activity level, lifestyle choices and the amount of sleep you get all influence your health.

You must take a look at all of these areas and realize where you can make improvements. Ask yourself what changes you would like to see. Perhaps you want to lose weight or maybe you want to reduce the number of time you get sick each year. Or maybe you want more energy.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to be healthier, realize that you can ask the universe to help you reach your health goals. Changing your lifestyle requires action and attraction from the universe.


Living Green

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Go Green

In the past several years, it seems as though everyone has become more aware of the impact our lives have on the environment. People support the green movement for many reasons. Living green cuts down on waste, is safer and cleaner for the environment, and lessens our carbon footprint.

I believe that living green is a positive choice for the universe. It makes sense, that if you are more conscious of your impact, the more positive changes you will make in your life. Producing less waste tells the universe that you care about the Earth. The universe will take notice of the positive changes that you make and it will reward you for your choices.

You can also use the Law of Attraction to help you improve your green lifestyle. You can ask the universe to help you become more aware of your environment and your impact on your surroundings.

Living a green lifestyle can not only help the environment, but it can help you too. Buying local and organic food can help you eat healthier. Reusing items can help you de-clutter your home. The possibilities are endless and helpful to the environment and to your life!

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Enjoy Exercising

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Exercising is an important part of life. If you look back 100 years ago, people had to work hard to get their food either by hunting or working the land. They didn’t have the common luxuries that we take advantage of today. They also didn’t have as many processed foods or fast food restaurants.  With changes in our physical activity and eating habits, makes regular exercise a very important part of our daily routine.

With the approval from your doctor you should aim to get exercise most days of the week. The benefits of exercise are numerous including improving overall health, blood pressure, cholesterol, body image, energy, and stress levels.

If you want to enjoy exercising, you can use the Law of Attraction to help you make it a part of your life… and enjoy it! You can ask the universe to make exercise fun for you. When you exercise, keep a positive attitude because the universe will help you enjoy it more when you create positive energy.

There are many different forms of exercise and you can start out small and slowly increase your time. Go ahead and get 20 minutes of exercise today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Permanent Weight Loss

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you can use the Law of Attraction to live a healthier lifestyle and improve your body image. You deserve to be happy with your weight. You can be healthy and fit and you deserve to be confident in your own body.

There are many factors to consider when losing weight such as:

–Eating habits
–Body image

All of these can contribute to your success in your weight loss goals and you can use the Law of Attraction to help you make positive changes in your life. You may want to focus on one of these areas at a time. You can use the power of visualization to attract healthy habits that promote weight loss.

When you break down your goal in easy to manage segments, weight loss becomes a lot easier and this leads to permanent weight loss.


Stop Smoking Now!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Stop Smoking

Everyone who smokes knows it is very bad for their health. If you smoke, you have probably tried to quit in the past. Once you decide that you want to quit, you can do so with the Law of Attraction. Quitting smoking involves empowerment, strength, and belief in yourself. The Law of Attraction will help you achieve these things.

If you want to attract a smoke-free life, then I want to encourage you to surround yourself with change. You can make a vision board and put a picture of healthy lungs on it. You can visualize your life being a non-smoker. The more often you recreate the positive feelings of being a non-smoker, the more success you will have with the Law of Attraction.

A great way to stop smoking permanently, is to come up with a new activity that replaces smoking. Replacing a negative habit with a positive habit is a very strong action with the Law of Attraction. The universe will reward you with change when you use this exercise.