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The Power of Creative Visualization

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Creative Visualization

Visualization is an essential part of the Law of Attraction. If you have not yet started incorporating visualization into your life, then I want to encourage you to do so. It can drastically change your life for the better. The single most important reason why visualization is so powerful is because it creates positive vibrations.

Vibrations and energy is what gets you noticed by the universe. When you create good thoughts and feelings, you produce energy. And when you are consumed by positive energy, the universe rewards you with the wonderful things you are seeking.

Visualization can take many forms and it is up to you to use whatever visualization technique that help you the most. It allows you to imagine your future in a better light. You are completely in charge of your thoughts and feelings and when you visualize change in your life, the universe will help you make it true.

If you have a difficult time imagining what you want in your life, you can find visual representations of them in magazines or on the internet. You can cut out pictures and create a vision board or vision box and make sure you look at what you want everyday and have a positive outlook on attraction.


Creative Visualization with the Law of Attraction

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Creative Visualization

The Law of Attraction relies a lot on visualization. Visualization will help you manifest all the positive things you want to add to your life. Thinking about and imagining new and wonderful things in your life will help you use the Law of Attraction.

Creative visualization can take many forms. It can involve using your imagination to picture what it would be like to change your life. Look to your future and imagine what your life would be like with a different career, a different mate, or a new house in your life. It can also involve visualizing the specific changes and realizing the positive feelings that result. Visualize how happy you feel when attracting new things into your life.

Daydreaming is a great thing with the Law of Attraction. It is very beneficial to get lost in your thoughts and feelings when you are thinking about what you want to attract into your life. When you visualize and daydream, you are creating positive vibrations for the universe. Incorporating this into your life will help you attract great things into your life.

Many people are naturally visual people and have an easy time with creative visualization. Others, who are more auditory might have challenges in incorporating this into their life. If you are having difficulty doing this, you can try recording your voice as you describe what you want in your life and then listen to it everyday.

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Using Vision Boards to Get What you Want

Friday, September 25th, 2009


Vision boards are great to incorporate into your life. Vision boards allow you to physically create your visualizations. They serve as a great reminder on what you will soon attract into your life. Anything is possible with the Law of Attraction and you shouldn’t hold back anything when you create vision boards.

You can create vision boards on a bulletin board, poster board, or using any other material. You can get very creative with them. Then you want to take physical examples of all the thing you are asking to receive from the universe and put them on the board.

If you want to attract a new car or a dream house into your life, find an example in a magazine or print out a picture you find online and attach it to the vision board. If you want to attract wealth into your life, write a check to yourself for $1,000,000 and paste it on the board. If you want happiness in your life, put a picture of yourself on the board that represents a time when you were very happy.

Anything can go on a vision board. Surround yourself with images of what you want to become. Making a physical representation of what you want to attract into your life will help you receive it from the universe. Place your vision boards in places where you spend a lot of time so that you can look at all the wonderful things on your board.

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