Attracting your Perfect Job

Perfect Job

Now is the perfect time to find your perfect job. The average worker works 40 hours a week. That is a lot of time and you deserve to enjoy what you do. There is no reason why you should put off attracting your perfect job. There is no better time than now to use the Law of Attraction to attract your ideal career into your life.

If you do not know what your ideal career is, then I want to encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you. Visualize how you would like to spend your time. Ask yourself a lot of questions to figure what exactly it is that you enjoy. Do you want to work with a lot of people? Do you want your job to take advantage of your creativity? What skills do you have that you want to use? Make a list of 50-100 questions and then answer them honestly. This exercise will not only help you figure out what you want to do, but it will help you visualize what you want.

If you already know what your perfect job is, then you must start using the Law of Attraction to attract it into your life. Everyday, think about having your ideal job. Visualize yourself working, doing what you love. Just as powerful as visualization is taking action toward getting your ideal job. Research positions that are available in your field. Send your resume out to a lot of companies. Go to every interview request you get.

Always have a positive attitude! Your positive attitude during this process will help you create positive energy for the universe and you will be able to attraction your perfect job!


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