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Give and you Shall Receive

Friday, January 29th, 2010


Just like the saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive” the same goes for giving. Giving is the secret to receiving. It leads to success, happiness, wealth, and better health. When you give to others, you receive great things in return. You can use the Law of Attraction to get what you want. I want to encourage you to give back to those around you.

Giving and receiving go hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. When you want to attract something new into your life, giving back helps you create positive energy. Whether you are a Law of Attraction novice or Law of Attraction expert, giving will help you move forward and receive what you are asking for in life.

If you are attracting abundance in a specific area of your life such as love, career, or health, then focus on giving back in that specific area. If you are looking for love in your life, give love in other ways. When you express love for friends and family, the universe will grant you love in other ways such as intimate love. If you want to attract perfect health, you can donate your time or money to a charity that promotes health.

Giving is limitless. It can be big or small. Even a small gesture can bring you big results. The act of giving allows you to create positive vibrations both within yourself and in the person or people you are helping. This makes giving very powerful in the Law of Attraction process; the energy you create becomes exponential.

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The Path to Inner Peace

Friday, January 29th, 2010


Inner peace is a state we all should strive for. Being at peace with oneself is very empowering and can improve many areas of your life. Being mentally and spiritually at peace with oneself is a goal you can aim for with the Law of Attraction. When you are at peace with yourself, you have positive thoughts and emotions and you are free from stress and anxiety.

When you reach a state of inner peace, you will be happy and in a state of bliss. If this is what you want, then I want to encourage you to seek inner peace with the Law of Attraction. Many people choose to strive for a state of spiritual balance in their life. You can achieve this by attracting inner peace into your life. You deserve to be happy and in a peaceful state.

If you wish to attract inner peace with the Law of Attraction, then I want to encourage you to begin by creating positive energy and vibrations. You can do this by thinking positively. One of the most powerful ways you can attract inner peace is by changing negative thoughts, emotions, and actions into positive ones. If you feel stressed, anxious, sad, or angry and then you turn those feelings into positive ones, this creates powerful energy.

Be sure to use visualization. Visualize yourself at peace. Imagine the changes that inner peace will bring to your life. You are your own creator and you can reach a powerful state of inner peace. With belief and allowing inner peace into your life, the Law of Attraction will help you attract inner peace into your life!


Be Appreciative

Monday, January 25th, 2010


Appreciation is a very important part of life and a very important part of the Law of Attraction. Appreciation creates positive thoughts, emotions, and actions whenever you show gratitude for something in your life. Appreciating what you already have, even when it’s not much, can create positive energy for the universe and can help you get what you want.

For example, if you want to attract abundance into your life, you should be appreciative of the abundance you already have in your life. Perhaps career and wealth is what you want to attract, but your personal relationships are abundant. Be appreciative of the good things in your life and the universe will help you expand abundance to other areas of your life.

Being appreciative goes along with positive thoughts and emotions. When you begin seeing the good in your life, you will begin receiving even more good in other areas of your life. All you have to do is show appreciation for what you have.

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Fighting Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

If you know someone who has Alzheimer’s Disease, then you know that we must fight against it. Researchers are learning more about the disease and they are realizing that younger people, not just older people can get Alzheimer’s disease. Doctor’s are recognizing the early stages of Alzheimer’s in people in their 50’s.

Once Alzheimer’s sets in, it cannot be reversed, but it can be slowed down. I want everyone to realize that choices we make in our younger years can have a profound effect on our future and preventing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Your memory is like a muscle, when you don’t exercise the muscle, it begins to deteriorate. Except instead of experiencing stiffness and aches like in a normal muscle, you will experience memory loss. However, you can use the Law of Attraction to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Doing exercises that challenge your memory and your reasoning skills will help you keep your mind sharp. When you show the universe that you are serious about sharpening your memory, the universe will help you attract it into your life and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.


The Law of Attraction and Phobias

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Conquering Fears

Many people have fears and phobias that affect there day to day activities and sometimes their well-being. Whether it’s a fear of flying, public speaking, snakes, closed spaces, or any other phobia, the Law of Attraction can help you overcome them and help you lead a normal life free of fear.

Fears are rooted in your subconscious mind. As a hypnotherapist, I know that hypnosis can be a great help in overcoming fears, but so can the Law of Attraction. As with anything you want to attract into your life, you must first ask for it. If you have a fear, ask the universe to help you.

The next step is to attract it into your life. You can use visualization to attract freedom from your fears. Imagine being anxiety and stress free while confronting your fears. Start thinking positively and believing in your ability to overcoming your fear.

The most challenging step with overcoming your fears with the Law of Attraction is allowing. You must allow yourself to free yourself from the fear. You deserve to live a life free of all phobias. You must allow it into your life in order to move on with your life without any fears.

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Overcoming Financial Stress

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Financial Stress Relief

Financial stress is a main cause of stress. Although money isn’t everything, it sure helps reduce stress. With the current economic condition, you are not alone. Many people are experiencing very challenging times, but realize that you can get back on track with help from the Law of Attraction.

Oftentimes when people are dealing with financial difficulties they ignore the problem and become immobilized in taking action. This only leads to more stress and more challenges. When you use the Law of Attraction to overcome financial stress, you will be motivated to to ease stress and take action to get your finances back on track.

The first thing you must attract is stress relief. When you are relieved of stress not only will you feel better, but you will be able to think more clearly. Incorporating relaxation and stress relief will help you create positive energy.

Also realize the more you take action to control your finances, the more help you will receive from the universe. After you have received stress relief, you can start attracting wealth into your life. You deserve to live a life free of financial stress. Taking action and learning to manage money will help you receive wealth in return from the universe.

Visualizing your life without financial stress will help you attract it into your life. Imagine your life 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months from now having reached your short-term financial goals. Imagine being stress free. You positive vibrations and energy will help you achieve your visualizations.


Achieving Unlimited Wealth with the Law of Attraction

Monday, January 18th, 2010


Wealth is one of the most common areas of life that people wish to attract abundance. Wealth can bring about a lot of positive change in your life and realize that you can attract wealth easily with the Law of Attraction.

In our book, You Can Attract It, we recount the story of Jack Canfield (author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul book series) and how he made a goal to attract $100,000 in one year. He wrote the amount on a piece of paper and taped it to the ceiling above his bed. It was the first thing he saw when he woke up in the morning and the last thing he saw when he went to bed. He went on to attract unlimited wealth.

There are many techniques and exercises you can take advantage of to attract wealth into your life. You can write a check to yourself for a specific amount of money you want to attract. You can also take your most recent bank statement, write several 0’s to the balance amount and post it to a place you’ll see it frequently.

Another important thing to remember when attracting wealth is to feel positive emotions and feel deserving. You must allow great things into your life, including wealth. Unlimited wealth is attainable with the Law of Attraction, all you have to do is ask for it, want it, and let it into your life.

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Achieving Radiant Health

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Radiant Health

Good health is an imperative part of life. However, with the Law of Attraction you can create better than average health, you can create perfect and radiant health. I am a consumer health advocate and I believe very strongly in the positive benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I want to encourage you to use the Law of Attraction to attract healthy living and radiant health.

How do you define perfect health? Perhaps perfect health means a certain weight. Or maybe it means certain blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Maybe it means reducing or eliminating prescription drugs. Go ahead and create your own definition of radiant health. Customize it to your lifestyle and medical needs and then write down this definition and start attracting it into your life.

Making just small changes that follow your definition of radiant health with help you move in the right direction. Making changes to your eating habits and activity level will tell the universe what you want to attract. Any change that creates positive energy in your life will help you reach your goal.

Although it can take time to achieve your goal, simple and small changes can make dramatic differences in your overall health. Exercise and healthy eating will help you. Realize that you may not be able to make perfect choices all the time, but the Law of Attraction will help you make the right choices and achieve radiant health.


Be Confident!

Friday, January 15th, 2010


I know I have blogged a couple times already about confidence, but I cannot talk enough about how important it is! Confidence helps you feel better about yourself. You can fake portraying confidence, but you cannot fake feeling confident. If you do not feel confident, I want to encourage you to attract it using the Law of Attraction.

The first step in becoming confident is changing your negative thoughts, emotions, and actions into positive ones. You must believe in yourself and have a positive attitude concerning the Law of Attraction and your future in order to get what you want.

The next step is to ask for self-confidence. Ask the universe everyday to grant you confidence. The more frequently you experience confidence, the quicker you will attract it into your life. As you will see, the act of asking is more than simply asking the universe. Asking comes in many forms and the more ways you can ask the universe, the better experience you will have with the Law of Attraction.

As you ask for confidence from the universe, also focus on allowing it into your life. You deserve to feel confident in any and all situations in your life. You deserve to feel confident to your core. Visualize your future feeling confident and soon you will be experiencing it.


The Power of Manifestation

Friday, January 15th, 2010


The Law of Attraction is all about manifestation. You are your own creator and you have the ability to manifest anything into your life. Whether you want happiness, wealth, success, abundance, a new car, or your dream house, you must realize that you are in control of attracting all these wonderful things into your life.

In order to manifest things into your life, you must believe in yourself and the Law of Attraction. You can’t have doubt or fears or worries, because this won’t help you get anywhere with the Law of Attraction. Instead, you must replace doubt, fear, and anxiety with hope, patience, and faith. When you replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones, you are on the right track toward manifesting your dreams.

Belief in yourself and your abilities is powerful and so is the act of allowing wonderful things into your life. We have seen many people change their thoughts, emotions, and actions into positive ones and ask for what they want, only to reach a barrier when it comes to allowing great things into their lives.

Realize that allowing is a very important part of the Law of Attraction. You must have positive feelings about manifestation. You must believe in yourself. You deserve to attract wonderful things into your life. Your past is in your past and your future is very bright. When you feel deserving, you will allow things into your life.