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Control your Eating Habits with the Law of Attraction

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Improve Health

Tomorrow kicks off the start of the holiday season with Halloween. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are holidays known for excessive eating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Halloween is all about candy. There are bags and bags of it at the grocery store. If you have kids, you might have pounds of candy in your house on November 1st.

You can use the Law of Attraction to control your urges to eat candy during this halloween season. You must first believe in yourself and your self-control. The next step is to ask the universe for self-control. Then you must take action to control your eating habits as much as possible. The more you resist and feel good about your accomplishment, the more positive energy you will give off for the universe.

The Law of Attraction will give you the control you need to stay away from halloween candy. You can allow self-control in your life. You deserve to be healthy. Moderation is key during the holidays and you can resist unhealthy food with the Law of Attraction.

Allow yourself to buy only one bag of candy at the grocery store. If you have kids that will be bringing home a lot of candy, don’t sneak any of their candy. Self-control doesn’t mean you can’t have any candy, but moderation is the best idea. When you eat in moderation, the universe will take notice and help you have even more self-control.

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Lower your Blood Pressure Safe and Naturally

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? One in three adults has high blood pressure, this means about 73 million people in the United States have the disease. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 and most doctors want their patients to be close to this number. If you have high blood pressure, realize that you can lower it naturally with help from the Law of Attraction.

High blood pressure killed 55,000 people in the United States in 2005. It is a disease that must be taken seriously. Asking for lower blood pressure is an important step for you to take with the Law of Attraction. You must believe in yourself and the power of the universe to help you lower your blood pressure.

The next step you must take is incorporating change in your life. The universe will notice even small changes that you make to your lifestyle. Small changes that you make will become large changes with help from the Law of Attraction. Making positive changes will create positive energy for the universe.

Changes that you can make include being more active such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking your car farther away from your destination. You can add healthy food to your daily menu or subtract an unhealthy food. There are so many changes that you can make.

Also, you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle in one day. You can make several small changes over time. The universe will take notice and reward you with lowering your blood pressure. The Law of Attraction is very powerful and soon it will work for you by lowering your blood pressure.


Attracting Self-Improvement

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Attract Confidence

Self-improvement is a way of life. There are always things that you can change and improve. No matter what you want to improve in your life, the Law of Attraction is a great way to achieve change. The Law of Attraction puts you in control of your own destiny so that you can improve your life.

A major aspect of self-improvement is having a positive attitude. Many people are aware that their self-talk is negative and they wish to change it, but don’t know where to start. You can attract positive thinking and positive emotions into your life using the Law of Attraction. Asking for a positive attitude and believing in yourself to promote change will dramatically improve your life.

Many people wish to improve a personality trait that has become ingrained in their life. Examples include compulsive lying, co-dependence, procrastination, and low self-esteem. You can change any negative part of your life. It takes acknowledgement that there is a problem and then a resolution to change. When you decide on what you want to change you can then ask the universe for change and you can receive self-improvement quickly in your life.

You deserve to be the best you can be. You can easily become the person you strive to be. When you make positive change in your life, you become happier with yourself. Allow change to enter your life and soon you will be receiving dramatic changes in self-improvement.

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Attract Confidence

Monday, October 26th, 2009


If attracting confidence seems like an impossible task, that’s because you don’t have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is a very important part of life. It enables you to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams. Confidence enables you to move forward in your career, find your soul mate, build friendships, and be happy with who you are.

People tend to build barriers due to life experiences that leave them vulnerable. Building confidence with the Law of Attraction allows you to break through the barriers you have built. Asking for confidence in your life is as simple as talking to the universe or writing it down. You can attract confidence by feeling confident and being confident in different situations. As you practice it, you will become more comfortable with it and the universe will give you more of it.

Having a positive attitude is important in attracting confidence into your life. Becoming confident doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to free yourself from barriers, but as long as you remain positive, confidence will come into your life.

Confidence will provide you with the foundation you need in your life to accomplish your dreams and goals. Education, hard work, connections, and sense of humor won’t help you if you aren’t confident with who you are. The Law of Attraction will help you attract confidence and you will believe in yourself in any situation.


Attracting Love into your Life

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


Love is a very strong emotion. It is very difficult to define because love means and feels different to everyone. If you want to attract love into your life, it is important for you to define what love means to you. What kind of love do you want in your life? Do you want intimate love, companionship, or perhaps love and support from family and friends? Love can take many forms so it is important for you to be clear about what you want to attract.

While you are trying to attract love into your life, you will want to be aware of your thoughts and emotions. Both your thoughts and feelings need to be open to receiving love. You must replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Only positive thinking and emotions will help you attract love into your life.

In order to attract love into your life, you must love yourself first and foremost. Ask yourself if you truly love the person you are. When you focus your energy on loving yourself, you are telling the universe that you are ready for love to enter your life.

When using the law of attraction to attract love, the hardest part of the 6 step process is usually step 5: Allowing. It can be very difficult to allow love into your life. Sometimes there are barriers that have been built up. These barriers must come down in order for you to allow love into your life. Barriers such as fear of rejection can and will be torn down with help from the Law of Attraction.


Attracting Concentration and Focus

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


Do you need focus in your life? Are you always finding yourself distracted? Luckily the Law of Attraction can help you attract focus into your life. No matter what you need to concentrate on, whether it’s work, school, social conversations, or your children, the Law of Attraction is a great tool to use to attract it into your life.

A great exercise that you can incorporate into your life to attract concentration is to meditate for just five minutes a day. Meditation allows you to focus inward and clear your mind of all thoughts. The five minutes that you dedicate to clearing your mind and focusing inward will help you attract more concentration from the universe.

This exercise is powerful because for just five minutes, you can greatly increase the positive vibrations that you give off to the universe. The universe will take notice of your positive energy when you meditate. As you continue to meditate, you will find that it becomes easier to focus inward and clear your mind.

It is important for you to be specific when you ask for concentration. What do you want to concentrate on? Where do you want to focus your attention? Your answer to these questions should be what you ask for from the universe.

With a little bit of time, you will notice that the universe answers your request and you will be able to focus and concentrate on anything for as long as you want.

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Starting your own Business

Monday, October 19th, 2009


Do you want to be an entrepreneur and start your own business? Many people dream about going to work for themselves, including Frank and I. Years ago, before we knew each other, we both wanted to pursue a career in helping others. We used the Law of Attraction to get where we are today.

Ever since I can remember, I know I have wanted to work for myself. I wanted to set my own schedule and have business partners and employees that can help me build my business. Years ago I started visualizing my future, owning my own business and I became consumed by it. I was imagining a major change in both business and lifestyle and I really liked what I saw, so I pursued it.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. I was using the Law of Attraction to attract my visualizations into my life. I always focused on the future. I pictured what my life would look like 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years down the road. This helped me attract major milestones in my life.

One of the important things I learned from attracting an entrepreneurial spirit was the importance of not feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed brings more negative things into your life. When you work for yourself, it can feel that all the pressure is on you and in a way it is, but you cannot focus on that. Focusing on growth and working hard to meet your goals will help you attract your own business into your life.

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Improving your Memory with the Law of Attraction

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Improve Memory

As you age, your memory tends to diminish. It becomes harder to remember things that occurred in the past and sometimes it becomes difficult to remember things that were on your mind just a few moments ago. Realize that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can take charge of your memory with the Law of Attraction and improve both your short term and long term memory.

If you want to improve your memory, then you must ask the universe to help you. Attracting memory improvement becomes easy with the Law of Attraction. Visualize being able to remember things. See yourself remembering where you put down your car keys.

Your memory is very powerful and you can make it sharper than it has ever been before. Doing simple memory exercises will tell the universe that you want to improve your memory. You do not have to settle for memory loss purely based on your age. You can reverse memory loss and quickly improve it with help from the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction will help you attract a better memory. You will be able to remember where you left things. You will remember names, faces, and dates. Your mind can be sharper than it was when you were younger. All you have to do is simply ask for it, allow it into your life, and receive it.


Quit the Habit Once and for All

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Quit Smoking

Are you a smoker? If you are, I’m sure you have tried quitting in the past. Perhaps you have tried once or a hundred times. Even if you have failed to quit smoking in the past, there is still hope and you can quit. The Law of Attraction can help you stop smoking.

Following the steps that we outline in our book, the first step you want to take is change your negative thoughts and emotions in regards to smoking into positive thoughts and feelings. You must have a positive outlook on your future and quitting smoking. Believing in yourself is very powerful and very important to quit smoking.

The next step involves asking the universe for you to become a non-smoker. Asking is very powerful. Every day and every time you feel the need to light up a cigarette, ask the universe to help you stop smoking. When you ask for this, you must want it. You must want to be a non-smoker. When you want to quit, you are telling the universe how serious you are about quitting your bad habit.

Incorporating positive habits in place of smoking will help you become a non-smoker. You can find a new hobby and invest your time in something that takes you mind off smoking. Every cigarette that you avoid smoking shows the universe that you are serious about quitting. This also creates positive vibrations that will be very powerful for the Law of Attraction to work for you.


Reviewing the Six Steps from You Can Attract It

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Law of Attraction

When Steve and I first starting writing our book on the Law of Attraction, we began sharing our stories about how the Law of Attraction started to work in our lives. We started seeing a lot of similarities in how we incorporated it into our life. Of course, we were both asking for different things, but we found that there were a lot of similarities in the steps we used to incorporate the Law of Attraction principles.

We formulated the following six steps. Each step was essential to our success:

Step One: Changing Negative Powers to Positive Powers
Step Two: Know What You Do Not Want
Step Three: Know What You Do Want
Step Four: Ask for It
Step Five: Allow It
Step Six: Receive It and be Thankful for It

I think the biggest problem with people being unsuccessful with the Law of Attraction is that they focus on what they do not want. We made “Know What You Do Not Want” step two because a lot of people need to acknowledge what is not working for them in their life. This step usually involves a few ‘light bulb’ moments. People tend to realize that focusing on what they do not want just leads to receiving more of what you do not want. This step allows you to move on from a negative past to focus on a positive future.