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Time Management

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Time Management

Time management is a great skill to have. When you learn to properly manage your time, you improve your life and your well-being. One of the main benefits of managing your time is reducing stress. Stress has a major negative impact on your health.

The advantages of learning time management and incorporating it into your life are:

–Gain time
–Increase motivation
–Reduces procrastination/avoidance
–Reduces anxiety
–Decreases stress levels

Knowing what you want to accomplish and having clear goals set out, will help you better manage your time. You can use the Law of Attraction to help you with time management.

An exercise I like to use every morning is visualization. As I’m waking up and getting ready for my dad, I visualize the different things I need to accomplish. This helps me remember what I need to do and actually get it done!


Attracting More Time

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Time Management

Time is something we all wish we had. Whether it’s more hours in a day or more years in our life, we tend to want more time to reach our goals. You can use the Law of Attraction to become more efficient in your life and attract more time.

I know you cannot attract more than 24 hours in a day. But you can attract what feels like more hours in the day. It’s all about time management and motivation. You can attract these with the Law of Attraction.

Do you ever meet people who are productivity powerhouses? They’re always getting things done, they’re organized, and they still have time to enjoy fun things in their life. You can be this person and the Law of Attraction will help you. Visualize being this person. See yourself working hard and getting things done and see yourself having fun at the same time.

Telling the universe that you have enough time will help you feel like you have time to spare. Soon your visualizations will become a reality. The universe will help you attract more time!


Time Management with the Law of Attraction

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Time Management

We could all improve the way we manage our time. We live in a busy world where we are often pulled in many directions at once. The key to time management is a little planning ahead, being flexible, and setting priorities. Making these small changes in your life will help you attract better time management in your life.

When you make small changes in managing your time, the universe will take notice and give you even better time management. Time management is priceless in your life. When you attract improved time management, you will be able to feel productive by accomplishing tasks, yet have extra time left over to focus on your interests.

No matter how busy you are and how hectic your life is, you can attract time management from the universe by incorporating the Law of Attraction into your life. You must first ask for time management in your life. When you make small changes like prioritizing activities and thinking ahead, you will receive more time management in return from the universe.

When you make small changes in your life, you will notice a major improvement in your schedule. This will in turn help you create strong and positive emotions for the universe. When you focus on positive thoughts and emotions, you also create positive energy and powerful vibrations for the universe and you will receive what you are asking for.


Attract More Time!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Time Management

If you are anything like me, you probably wish you had more time. Time for what? Time for everything! Time to get more work done. More time to spend with your family. More time to devote to leisurely activities. We all live a very fast-paced and hectic lifestyle. When using the law of attraction, you can ask the universe for more time!

Now, you cannot receive more than 24 hours in a day, but the law of attraction can help you better manage your time so that it seems you have several extra hours in your day. By attracting better time management skills you will be able to drastically change your life.

In order to attract more time, you must visualize having extra time during your day. You must also imagine what you would to with the extra time. Would you use it to start your own business? Would you use it to exercise? Perhaps you would use the extra time to spend time with your children. No matter how you want to spend your time, make sure you imagine all the possibilities.

This process will help you to use the law of attraction by creating positive energy. Positive energy will help creative vibrations for the universe. In addition to visualizing how you would spend your extra time, also try to make a conscious effort of maximizing your time. Being efficient with your schedule will help you attract even more time through the law of attraction.

You can also use this technique for different time management purposes. Perhaps instead of asking for two extra hours during your day, you can ask for an extra day of the week or for a couple extra weeks during the year. For example, I put a lot of my time into my work and taking off two weeks a year seems nearly impossible. I have been able to attract time management in the short term in order to maximize my everyday life, but finding time to take a vacation or a break from work was a challenging task for me. However, by incorporating visualizations and asking for it, I am able to take a vacation every year.

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