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Attracting a Job

Friday, July 9th, 2010


As of May 2010 the U.S. unemployment rate is 9.3%.  Although this number is tough to swallow, 90.7% of Americans are employed. If you are unemployed, it is important for you to focus on the positive. There is a lot of negativity in the press, but the good news is that there are jobs out there!

Even though economic times are not ideal right now, you can use the Law of Attraction to find a job. Focus on your strengths and be on the lookout for positions that are a good fit for you. Ask friends and contacts to keep their eyes open for available jobs.

Visualization is very powerful. Imagine yourself at the job you want. See yourself having a great interview and getting the job. Visualize yourself going to work and enjoying what you do. This exercise will tell the universe that you want to attract a job and the universe will help you get one.

Remember to focus on the positive at all times. There are a lot of opportunities out there for you. Using the Law of Attraction will help you get the job you want.

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Attracting your Dream Job

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Dream Job

If you want to attract your dream job into your life, I want you to focus on the positive. I don’t want you listening to the news or paying any attention to negative comments about the job market. The negative outlook can be detrimental to your quest to land your dream job.

It is very important to focus on yourself and your own path to get your dream job. Focus on opportunities, not setbacks. Focus on moving forward, not on your past. You are your most powerful source of perseverance and confidence.

When attracting your dream job with the law of attraction it is important to be specific in asking for what you want. Know what job you want and what skills you need to get it. Make specific goals that will help you on your path and if you have to take a step back, then focus on taking 3 steps forward. You can do it.

You can attract what you want by believing in yourself. Having confidence in your skills and abilities are important not only for you, but for your potential employer. You will want to be confident in yourself during interviews. You can achieve great things with the Law of Attraction as long as you ask for it and allow it into your life!

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Attracting your Perfect Job

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Perfect Job

Now is the perfect time to find your perfect job. The average worker works 40 hours a week. That is a lot of time and you deserve to enjoy what you do. There is no reason why you should put off attracting your perfect job. There is no better time than now to use the Law of Attraction to attract your ideal career into your life.

If you do not know what your ideal career is, then I want to encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you. Visualize how you would like to spend your time. Ask yourself a lot of questions to figure what exactly it is that you enjoy. Do you want to work with a lot of people? Do you want your job to take advantage of your creativity? What skills do you have that you want to use? Make a list of 50-100 questions and then answer them honestly. This exercise will not only help you figure out what you want to do, but it will help you visualize what you want.

If you already know what your perfect job is, then you must start using the Law of Attraction to attract it into your life. Everyday, think about having your ideal job. Visualize yourself working, doing what you love. Just as powerful as visualization is taking action toward getting your ideal job. Research positions that are available in your field. Send your resume out to a lot of companies. Go to every interview request you get.

Always have a positive attitude! Your positive attitude during this process will help you create positive energy for the universe and you will be able to attraction your perfect job!


Attract your Dream Job

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Dream Job

You will spend a great deal of your lifetime working. It is important that you have a job or career that you get a great amount of satisfaction from. When you enjoy your job, you feel good about yourself and what you are doing.

Many people are quickly able to name their dream job. Others might have difficulty defining their dream job. I want to encourage you to do some soul searching and research in various field so that you have an ideal career picked out for yourself. When you know what your dream job is, you can then ask the universe for it and work towards attracting it into your life.

Your dream job may take days or years to attract. If your ideal career requires education or skills you do not have, you must start working on these first. No matter what steps you take to attract your dream job, remember it is important to remain positively focused on the goal—landing your dream job! Each step you have to take will not only bring you closer to realizing your goal, but it will tell the universe what you want.

Asking specifically for your dream job should be a daily experience. Remain positive and steadfast on your future career possibilities. You can achieve great things with the Law of Attraction and soon you will land your dream job!


Starting your own Business

Monday, October 19th, 2009


Do you want to be an entrepreneur and start your own business? Many people dream about going to work for themselves, including Frank and I. Years ago, before we knew each other, we both wanted to pursue a career in helping others. We used the Law of Attraction to get where we are today.

Ever since I can remember, I know I have wanted to work for myself. I wanted to set my own schedule and have business partners and employees that can help me build my business. Years ago I started visualizing my future, owning my own business and I became consumed by it. I was imagining a major change in both business and lifestyle and I really liked what I saw, so I pursued it.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. I was using the Law of Attraction to attract my visualizations into my life. I always focused on the future. I pictured what my life would look like 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years down the road. This helped me attract major milestones in my life.

One of the important things I learned from attracting an entrepreneurial spirit was the importance of not feeling overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed brings more negative things into your life. When you work for yourself, it can feel that all the pressure is on you and in a way it is, but you cannot focus on that. Focusing on growth and working hard to meet your goals will help you attract your own business into your life.

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Attracting your Ideal Career

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Find your Career

Your career is probably a very important part of your life. You spend a great deal of your time working and it is important that you enjoy what you do. Is your current job position your ideal career? If yes, then congratulations! If no, then you can use the Law of Attraction to attract your perfect job or career.

Many people are not happy with their job, but it does not have to be that way. You can either learn to enjoy your current job, or start looking for something new that will give you fulfillment. The important thing to start with is changing your negative thoughts and feelings into positive thoughts and feelings. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference with your job. Your positive attitude will help you either enjoy your current position or motivate you to find your ideal career.

If you are looking for a more satisfying career, then I want to encourage you to use the Law of Attraction. You can start by visualizing yourself happy and fulfilled in a new position. Spend some time figuring out what your ideal career is if you do not already know what you want to pursue. Ask yourself what would make you happy. What’s most important to you? Is it the money you make, the people that you help, or the use of your skills?

Decide on what your ideal career or position is and pursue it. Don’t let anything hold you back. Write out a plan and start working toward it. You will create positive energy by pursuing your ideal career and this will help you attract it much more quickly than you thought possible.

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