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Living an Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Environmentally Conscious

Many people wish to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle where they are aware of how their lifestyle choices impacts the world around them. Being environmentally aware includes being aware of consumption which ranges to knowing where your food comes from to knowing how your choices impact the environment.

If you choose to live a lifestyle where you are more aware of how you make an impact on this world, then I encourage you to use the Law of Attraction to guide you. There are two aspects of this. One is to become more aware of your consumption and the second is all about learning and education based on your consumption.

There are great books and online resources that can help you learn about small changes that you can make in your life. Then, the Law of Attraction will help you make these changes permanent in your life. Perhaps you will find that one particular action you do is creating a lot of waste. You can use the Law of Attraction to change this.

If you want to become more environmentally aware, then I encourage you to make small steps now. Over time, these small steps will become easier and you will be helping the environment and the world we live in.


Living Green

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Go Green

In the past several years, it seems as though everyone has become more aware of the impact our lives have on the environment. People support the green movement for many reasons. Living green cuts down on waste, is safer and cleaner for the environment, and lessens our carbon footprint.

I believe that living green is a positive choice for the universe. It makes sense, that if you are more conscious of your impact, the more positive changes you will make in your life. Producing less waste tells the universe that you care about the Earth. The universe will take notice of the positive changes that you make and it will reward you for your choices.

You can also use the Law of Attraction to help you improve your green lifestyle. You can ask the universe to help you become more aware of your environment and your impact on your surroundings.

Living a green lifestyle can not only help the environment, but it can help you too. Buying local and organic food can help you eat healthier. Reusing items can help you de-clutter your home. The possibilities are endless and helpful to the environment and to your life!

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