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Using your Representational System to Get What you Want!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Representational Systems

If you are familiar with neurolinguistic programming (NLP), then you are probably aware of representational systems. Your representational system is what you use to represent the world around you. It usually involves one of the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste. The first three, sight, hearing, and touch are the most frequently used, with vision being the most common.

One of the reasons why visualization is often used in the Law of Attraction, is because a lot of people are visual and they ’see’ the world around them and can ‘envision’ their future. However, you may be very in tune with sounds, feelings, smells, and tastes as well. You can use any of these to attract wonderful things into your life.

I receive a lot of questions from people who aren’t visual and have a hard time using visualization. What they need to do is use their other representational systems. If someone wants to attract a new job into their life, they can visualize themselves doing the job, they can hear the interviewer say, “You’re hired,” or they can imagine the smells associated with the job.

The possibilities are endless. I want to encourage you to get in tune with your representational system and use it to you advantage in getting what you want.

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