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Controlling Diabetes

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious disease that can have negative long-term effects on your health if you have been diagnosed with it. Your life choices can have a tremendous impact on improving diabetes and enhancing your quality of life. If you have diabetes or if you are at risk for developing diabetes, then I want to encourage you to use the Law of Attraction to improve your health.

The Law of Attraction works by creating positive energy in your life. You can use this positive energy to enhance any and all areas of your life, including your health. Both your genetic makeup and your lifestyle choices impact diabetes. You have complete control over both of these aspects when you use the Law of Attraction.

Ask for improved health from the universe. Ask for lower blood-glucose levels in your body. Ask to make wiser lifestyle choices, such as eating better and getting more exercise. You will be able to attract permanent change into your life and this can drastically improve your health.

Diabetes is a serious disease that demands attention. Realize that you are in control of your health and you can improve your diabetes symptoms by using the steps we outline in You Can Attract It. Using the power of visualization, self-hypnosis, meditation, and many other exercise, you can control diabetes.


Improve Diabetes with the Law of Attraction

Friday, August 14th, 2009


Approximately 23.6 million people in the United States have diabetes. Each year another 1.6 million are diagnosed with the disease. Almost all of us know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. It is a very serious, lifelong condition that has a negative impact on one’s health.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to follow your doctor’s orders, but realize that you can be in control of your health and your diabetes symptoms by incorporating the Law of Attraction. People with diabetes must take extra special care of their body. You can attract better health by using the principles we outline in our book, You Can Attract It.

It is important that you eat the proper foods and get a good amount of exercise so that you keep your body healthy and strong. Making positive changes in your life will help you better manage your diabetes.

You are in control of your disease when you use the Law of Attraction. You can visualize yourself eating right and exercising to help you make the right lifestyle choices. It is also very beneficial to visualize your body free of diabetes symptoms. Imagine your body functioning as it should, your body having the right amount of insulin, and having the right amount of glucose in your blood.

You can attract optimum health simply by asking for it, visualizing it, and allowing perfect health into your life. The universe will give you improved health and will help you manage your diabetes symptoms. You can live a longer and healthier life by incorporating the Law of Attraction into your life.