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Official Launch of our Book: You Can Attract It

Monday, November 30th, 2009

We are very proud to announce the official launch of our book on the Law of Attraction: You Can Attract It. The official launch date is tomorrow, December 1st, 2009. Both of us want to help people change their lives for the better. We hope to touch many lives and help people incorporate the Law of Attraction into their life.

We started writing the book about one year ago. It has been a long, but very rewarding process. We now have a publisher and soon we will be going on a book tour to promote it! We are excited not only for the launch of the book, but for the change it will instill in peoples’ lives. The Law of Attraction drastically changed our lives for the better and we hope that our book will help people use the Law of Attraction in their own life.

Getting our book published was a result of using the Law of Attraction. Both of us remained positive in looking for a literary agent and finding a publisher. We knew that if we remained positive and focused on our goal, the Law of Attraction would work for us and it did! We know that you too will have great success with our book. The Law of Attraction is a wonderful things that will dramatically improve your life!