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How to Create Positive Body Language

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Positive Body Language

The great thing about the Law of Attraction is that there are an unlimited number of tools and techniques you can use to help manifest wonderful things into your life. One of these tools is your body language. Your body language tells the universe how you feel.

You always want to put forward positive energy and vibrations. Positive body language will help you do this. When you make the conscious decision to not only have a positive body image, but promote that through your body language, you are telling the universe that you want to create positive things in your life.

Positive body language includes sitting and standing up tall, keeping your arms un-crossed, making eye contact with others, and holding your head high with confidence. Not only will you be giving off positive energy, but you will feel better about yourself and you will create unlimited confidence in your life.

I hope I have helped you realize how you can improve your life with the Law of Attraction and body language. Go ahead and make changes in your life right now! You will feel better and gain confidence!

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Body Language and the Law of Attraction

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Positive Body Language

Body language is a powerful part of the Law of Attraction. You can help attract wonderful things into your life by using positive body language. Body language not only gives positive energy for the universe, but it gives you positive energy and can help you promote a more positive life.

Positive body language includes straight posture while sitting and standing. You can say a lot by your back posture. Having bad posture can bring about a negative attitude and even back and neck pain. I want to encourage you to be more aware of your posture because it can have a profound effect on how other people and the universe perceive you.

I also want you to become more aware of what your body language says about you. Does it tell people to stay away? Or is it open and inviting? You should be aware of what your body language says about you in different situations. Aligning your body language with your intentions is very powerful and it can help you attract amazing things into your life.

No matter what you want to attract into your life, your body language can dramatically help you get what you want.


Attracting What you Want with your Body Language

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Positive Body Language

Your body language is an important aspect of attracting wonderful things into your life with the Law of Attraction. Body language can tell the universe what you want. You are already asking to receive great things into your life, why not use your body language to ask the universe for what you want? Positive body language will help you attract everything you want into your life.

Negative body language includes having a slouching posture, crossed arms, and hunched shoulders. This tells the universe that you are not confident. Negative facial expressions should also be avoided such as frowning and flaring nostrils or any sad or angry expression.

The good news is that you are in complete control over your body language and facial expressions. If you are not aware of what you convey with your body language and facial expressions, then I encourage you to spend some time in front of a mirror and see what you learn. Learn what facial expressions you want the universe to see and use them as much as possible.

Positive body language includes sitting up tall, leaning forward, shoulders back, and head up. Positive facial expressions include smiling and having pleasant and relaxed facial expressions. Practice looking positive in a mirror. The universe will notice your positive body language and help your receiving wonderful and positive things into your life.

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